International Multimodal Communication Centre Research Seminar

International Multimodal Communication Centre Research Seminar

Event Programme

5.30 pm – 6.00 pm: Talk by  Jennifer 8.Lee, 'How an emoji becomes an emoji'.
6.00 – 6.15 pm: Q&A
6.15 – 7:00 pm: Discussion during a wine reception


Jenny is vice-chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee and founder of Emojination, a grassroots group whose motto is "Emoji by the people, for the people." If you have used the dumpling or hijab emojis, you have Jenny and Emojination to thank. 


Jenny is an author and journalist. She worked as a New York Times reporter for nine years and is now co-founder and CEO of Plympton, a San Francisco-based literary studio that innovates in digital publishing. She is also co-founder of the Credibility Coalition, a community of academics, journalists, and technologists seeking to understand the veracity, quality and credibility of online information.