Press Group

REES Press Group is a lively discussion space for students to share research updates and to think about key developments in the areas we study, have experience in, and are interested in. We meet weekly in term-time.  Each week sees a different student lead discussion or introduce a topic, and some weeks see special guests connected to the REES programme pop in and talk with us about their experiences.

The group is convened by DPhil candidate Anna J Davis.

press group convenors

Are you a REES student interested in keeping up to date on developments in your field? Contact for more info on meeting times and locations.

Anna is a DPhil Candidate in Area Studies and has been co-convening REES Press Group with Elizabeth since 2020. She focuses on post-Soviet international identity and her dissertation examines identity expressions in civil nuclear cooperation between Ukraine, Armenia, and Belarus with Russia. Anna also tutors postgraduate students at Oxford, co-convenes REESearch Café, was awarded the OIES-Aramco Fellowship with Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, and is a researcher at the Oxford Belarus Observatory. In 2020, Anna graduated from the REES MSc and from the University of Georgia in 2018.


press group